Tillandsia Stricta Hybrids Clump Set A

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Tillandsia Stricta Hybrids Clump Set A

Tillandsia Stricta Hybrids Clump together with the stand holder to beautify your home environment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What are air plants (Tillandsia)?FAQS

Air plants (Tillandsia) are members of the Bromeliad family, cousins of pineapple. Their natural habitats are the forests, mountains and deserts of South and Central America.

Most air plants are epiphytic, growing on tree branches without harming them, in desserts and on other substrates that will not be saturated in wetness for long.

Air plants get their nutrients and water from their leaves but not from their roots.

Trichomes are the white fuzz or microscopic hairs on their leaves.

The tiny hairs are made to absorb water, minerals and nutrients from the air for the plant.

For air plants, there are two main groups: Mesic and Xeric.

Mesic thrives in climates like rainforest, in shade, tend to have rainy and wet season but then able to dry out.

This group of air plants is used to frequent waterings and doesn't really like a lot of strong sunlight for long.

Outlook - their leaves are greener, shiny or waxy and without as many as trichomes as the Xeric group.

Species - Bulbosa, Butzii, Andreana, Brachycaulos, Adbdita Multiform and T.Cyanea.

Xeric grows well in desserts, most are native to either dry tropical forests, are dry arid and more prone to droughts.

This group of air plants are hardy and can withstand more sunlight.

Outlook - their leaves are more greys, silvery and fuzzy. Xeric air plants are prone to droughts and require more trichomes to insure the plant stays hydrated and fed. They tend to be more lighter-coloured due to the need to reflect light in hotter conditions.

Species - Xerograhic, Harrisii, Tectorum, Caput meuse and Paucifolia.

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