Tillandsia Edithae

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Tillandsia Edithae

Tillandsia Edithae is a cliff dwelling caulescent species from Bolivia which has a beautiful red flowered inflorescence when in bud.

It is one of the few tillandsias to have coral coloured flowers making it a very attractive flower.

The plant's foliage is thick and leathery, varying in colours from silver to shades of grey or green which blush with maroon.

It produces a lot of adventitious offsets along the base of the stem.

This air plant needs a weak level of humidity. Good aeration is required and the plant must dry quickly (in less than an hour).

It loves to be at or near a window and try to avoid direct afternoon sunlight. Mist it once every two days. Soaking matter is not applicable for T.Edithae.

This one piece is a very beautiful species with long curling leaves.

Comes with a hanging holder to hang next to a window with a good amount of brightness.


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